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WholeFoods magazine (which is not owned by Whole Foods Market) writes about a new YouGov survey saying that "86% of adults in the United States feel the planet is worth saving, and that of those 86%, more than half (51%) agree that protecting the planet is important, but they feel they are unable to help."

In addition, the survey says, "62% of all U.S. adults agree 'food choices can impact the planet,' while 52% agree that they would be willing to make a switch to an alternative food brand if it could impact climate change."

Among the possible changes cited in the story are "reducing cows methane output through certain meals," and "planting more vegetation," since "trees and plants are carbon sinks, meaning they absorb more carbon from the atmosphere than they release."

KC's View:

So does this mean that 14 percent of the US adult population doesn't think the planet is worth saving?

Just speaking for myself, I'd like to know who these folks are.

Also, I'd like to know the percentage of Americans who a) feel the planet is worth saving, and b) are relatively certain that the whole thing is FUBAR.