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In two weeks, Walmart plans to reopen the store in Chesapeake, Virginia, that was the site of a mass shooting that resulted in the death of six employees.

The store reportedly has undergone a significant remodel, and will include a permanent memorial to the employees who were killed by a team leader at the store, who committed suicide after murdering his colleagues.  The memorial, Business Insider reports, "will include foliage and six seating structures in honor of the six victims, 'providing a peaceful place for people to pause and remember the permanent impact these associates made on our lives,' according to Walmart."

According to the piece, "The store reopening comes as Walmart continues to wrestle with the shooting's aftermath. Several shooting survivors and at least one of the victim's families have sued the company for millions of dollars, accusing the company of ignoring reports from co-workers of 'disturbing and threatening behavior' of the shooter."

KC's View:

It is nice that the store will have a memorial, but the nicest memorial would be an approach to public policy that actually deals with the issue of gun violence.  I'm so sick of people who believe we can't do anything, or that "thoughts and prayers" are an adequate response.

"A peaceful place for people to pause and remember?"  I think that in some ways, that is precisely the wrong reaction to the epidemic of mass shootings that makes stores and schools and churches unsafe and definitely not peaceful.