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Yesterday was Opening Day for Major League Baseball, with every team playing:

New York Mets 5, Miami Marlins 3

San Francisco Giants 0, New York Yankees 5

Baltimore Orioles 10, Boston Red Sox 9

Detroit Tigers 0, Tampa Bay Rays 4

Pittsburgh Pirates 5, Cincinnati reds 4

Toronto Blue Jays 10, St. Louis Cardinals 9

Chicago White Sox 3, Houston Astros 2

Atlanta Braves 7, Washington Nationals 2

Milwaukee Brewers 0, Chicago Cubs 4

Philadelphia Phillies 7, Texas Rangers 7

Minnesota Twins 2, Kansas City Royals 0

Colorado Rockies 7, San Diego Padres 2

Los Angeles Angels 1, Oakland Athletics 2

Cleveland Guardians 0, Seattle Mariners 3

Arizona Diamondbacks 2, Los Angeles Dodgers 8

Here, by the way, is a video created by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, that offers a 60-second look at just some of the things that make baseball, in the words of Robert B. Parker, "the most important thing that doesn't matter:"