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From CNN:

"Woolly mammoth remains, with fur and tissue still in tact, are regularly found entombed in Arctic permafrost. Their discovery has allowed scientists to sequence the mammoth genome and learn intriguing details about the lives of these extinct Ice Age giants.

"Now, some of that information is being used to grow an approximation of mammoth meat in a lab.

"Vow, an Australian cultured meat startup, has made what it describes as a mammoth meatball. The project’s goal, according to the company, is to draw attention to the potential of cultured meat to make eating habits more planet friendly … Advocates hope cultured meat will reduce the need to slaughter animals for food and help fight the climate crisis. The food system is responsible for about a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, most of which result from animal agriculture."

KC's View:

First of all, I think about Jurassic Park, and my conclusion is that if wooly mammoths ever are brought back from extinction, they're gonna be pissed.

Second, I find it fascinating that the scientists who created the wooly mammoth meatball haven't actually eaten it.  According to  James Ryall, Vow’s chief scientific officer, "Normally, we would taste our products and play around with them. But we were hesitant to immediately try and taste because we’re talking about a protein that hasn’t existed for 5,000 years. I’ve got no idea what the potential allergenicity might be of this particular protein."