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•  From Forbes:

"One of the world’s most successful drone delivery companies will be expanding to mainland Europe and the United States in 2023. Manna Aero has already done over 100,000 drone deliveries in multiple locations in Ireland, and is trending to hit over 1,000 deliveries per day in individual dense urban markets."

According to the story, "Google sister company Wing is probably leading drone delivery in the U.S., right now, running deliveries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in addition to other locations in the U.S. and globally. Amazon’s drone delivery efforts are evolving slowly in comparison.

"But Manna Aero has is approaching roughly similar scale to Wing, and has demonstrated the ability to do 2,000 to 3,000 flights/day across its multiple locations … Each Manna Aero drone does 7-8 deliveries an hour at 50 miles/hour (80 km/hour) at a cost of roughly one-tenth a human driver in a car. The company’s latest drone, the X-drone, carries about 7.5 pounds (3.5 kg) of cargo in a hold with about 30,000 cubic centimeters of space (about 1800 cubic inches). It flies deliveries within a relatively small radius: perhaps up to five miles or eight kilometers, and returns home when battery consumption reaches 60%."

The assumption largely has been that drone delivery schemes were more appropriate for suburban and rural areas, as opposed to more crowded urban areas.  But Manna is taking the opposite approach - the goal this summer is to do 1,000 deliveries a day in Dublin, Ireland, and then, apparently, use learnings from that experience to expand to a still-unnamed US market.

(By the way, "Manna" - as in "manna from heaven" - is a great name for a drone delivery company.)