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Market analytics company Jungle Scout is out with a new study saying that "32% of Generation Z consumers shop online once a day or more, compared to just 7% of Baby Boomers who do the same."

While the majority of US consumers shopping online "still pick Amazon," the study finds, "among Gen Z, 43% start on TikTok — higher than those who start on Google."  Gen X favors search engines, the study says.

"As a generation who grew up with their fingers on the pulse of digital technology, Gen Z consumers are rewriting the rules of consumerism and setting a new standard for the future of retail with their shopping habits and preferences," the study says.  "Consideration of just the frequency with which this group shops online compared to other generations forms a foundation on which many of their other differences — outlined in detail in our full report — are built."

KC's View:

I would imagine that the 43 percent of Gen Z consumers who start their online shopping journeys on TikTok must be upset by current calls to ban it in the US unless it is separated from Chinese ownership.  As far as I am concerned, they may just have to get over it - I think there are lot of good reasons to be concerned about TikTok ownership that could manipulate American thinking in a way deleterious to our nation's health.