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Amazon announced this morning that Panera Bread will begin using Amazon One, its palm identity and payments service, to enable guests to pay for their orders and access MyPanera, the restaurant’s loyalty program.

According to the announcement, "The technology is launching today at select bakery-cafes in Panera’s hometown of St. Louis with additional locations rolling out in the coming months, making Panera the first national restaurant to use Amazon One for both loyalty and payments. This new service provides Panera guests with a frictionless experience that includes fast palm-based payments, personalized interactions, and tailored meal recommendations."

Amazon this morning also announced what it called "a new online pre-enrollment capability, which allows customers to begin Amazon One enrollment from anywhere, at their convenience," via an online platform.  "With an Amazon account, mobile number, and a credit or debit card, consumers can create their Amazon One profile online. Customers can then complete the enrollment process at any location that offers Amazon One by scanning their palm and using the code they received during pre-enrollment."

KC's View:

One of the things that Tom Furphy and I talk about in this morning's Innovation Conversation is the degree to which Amazon may begin expanding its footprint in the services side of its business.  This may be an example of what we were talking about.  

There are plenty of good reasons not to be proprietary about this stuff, but one good one is the fact that at least in this case, Amazon One becomes a revenue generator as opposed to a cost.  And that's a difference that clearly matters to Amazon at this particular moment.