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•  Walmart is actively promoting its new Clean Beauty platform, with the company's vice president of beauty, Creighton Kiper, describing it in a blog posting as "an online shop that helps our customers find beauty products that are made without ingredients they may not want.

"We have been working to make our clean beauty standards best in class. Walmart’s Clean Beauty products are made without any ingredients included on our Made Without List (MWL). To rigorously develop this list, we reviewed state and federal regulations, consulted suppliers and called on experts such as the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). And we listened to customers – who increasingly desire products without certain ingredients as well as better transparency around what goes into them. That’s how we ended up with over 1,200 ingredients on the MWL."

In the same blog, Senior Vice President of Sustainability Jane Ewing says,  "It’s all about meeting customer expectations. Walmart aspires to become a regenerative company, and this means working to have a lasting, net positive impact on society through our products, services and business practices. To do so, we adopt a shared-value approach to business, believing that we can create a strong, resilient world by addressing the issues on the minds of our stakeholders through our business. Our customers want to buy products that reflect their values, and for many customers, that means providing greater transparency into product formulations and products made without certain ingredients.

"Our Clean Beauty at Walmart program leans into our regeneration commitment and responds to customer feedback. Much like our Built for Better platform, which makes it easier for customers to identify and shop products that meet trusted standards for personal well-being, our communities and the environment, Clean Beauty at Walmart is all about making it easier for customers to find products that align with their values."