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Dallas Innovates reports that "7-Eleven today announced the rollout of 7Charge, which has begun delivering 'a convenient and reliable fast-charging experience' at several 7-Eleven stores locations in Texas, Florida, Colorado, and California—including at least two locations in Dallas and Fort Worth."

According to the story, "7-Eleven says it intends to build 'one of the largest and most compatible EV fast-charging networks of any retailer in North America' as 7Charge locations are expanded in the U.S., and coming soon to Canada."

Dallas Innovates continues:

"The company said that by expanding the 7Charge network—while continuing to utilize third-party fast-charging network options—it will have the ability to grow its network 'to match consumer demand and make EV charging available to neighborhoods that have, until now, lacked access.'

"7-Eleven says its EV charging network, once complete, will serve communities and customers at charging stations across its entire family of brands, including Speedway and Stripes stores."

KC's View:

I've said it before, but I'll reiterate it now.  I firmly believe that the availability of fast charging stations for the expanding number of electric vehicles on the road will prove to be a competitive advantage for the retailers that offer them.

Those retailers will have to make other changes, of course.  They'll have to adjust their offerings so that consumers have something to do while charging their cars.

It all will require investment.  But it also offers the opportunity for greater sales and profits, and a deepening relationship with shoppers based of differential and tangible advantages.

In other words, the kinds of things that every retailer should be seeking every day, all the time.