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Today I am reporting in from the first day of the Western Michigan University Food Marketing & Supply Chain Conference, when Albertsons CEO Vivek Sankaran spelled out the reasons he believes the Kroger-Albertsons deal makes sense, why "growth is oxygen" for the best organizations, and the importance of eliminating friction from what he called "mindless shopping."  And, he talked about why one of his goals at Albertsons has been to purge "a-holes" from the organization.

One additional note…

The folks at Western Michigan University's Food Marketing program did a wonderful job curating a "Taste of West Michigan" food experience after the opening sessions, during which a number of local brands got an opportunity to sample their products for attendees - some of whom actually are in a position to sell them in stores.

My favorite was Aunt Nay's Cookies & Treats, where they make an extraordinary Banana Pudding and what I can only describe as a killer Carrot Cake Oatmeal Pie Cookie.  And if you're going to be in the food business, you might as well be selling knock-your-socks-off food.