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Common Dreams reports that "a progressive coalition of more than 100 unions and consumer advocacy groups from across the United States has come together to build the 'Stop the Merger' campaign, a national and state-level effort to prevent Kroger from acquiring Albertsons and establishing the country's most powerful grocery cartel.

"On Tuesday, the coalition announced the launch of, which includes information about the negative impacts of the proposed $25 billion merger between two of the nation's largest grocery chains, testimony from unionized grocery workers and elected officials, and tools for people to express their opposition to the potential deal."

In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the coalition writes that if approved, the merger would likely "lead to store closures, worsen food deserts, increase prices for consumers, and destroy thousands of unionized grocery jobs … This deal is an antitrust travesty and it must be stopped."

KC's View:

I don't think there is any question that the FTC as it currently is constituted is going to be more sympathetic to these arguments than at other times.

I'm not sure this adds up to a rejection of the merger.  But I think it may be more complicated than some expect.