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The Washington Post has a piece about the lab-grown dairy industry, which frames the story this way:

"The rapid advancement in this area has sparked hope for a revolution in the dairy industry, and not just because it’s kinder to the cows. Precision dairy doesn’t have cholesterol, lactose, growth hormones or antibiotics (though those with dairy allergies should beware). And cattle, for beef or dairy, is said to be the No. 1 agricultural source of greenhouse gases worldwide. Consumers concerned about climate change or animal welfare have been anticipating the U.S. launch of cultivated meat, which is grown in labs from animal cells, but cultivated dairy could have just as much of an impact on the environment — with fewer regulatory hurdles to clear."

You can read the entire piece here.

KC's View:

One of the interesting things about the piece is the assertion that within the industry, the belief is that brands will make the difference, that brands will bring a degree of equity to the segment.  Consumers focus on brands, not ingredients, experts say, and so acceptance will be pegged to the degree that brands invest in the segment.