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Interesting piece in Fast Company that starts out this way:

"These are a smattering of things you can make from mycelium (aka fungi): sneakers, makeup sponges, batteries—and meat. All are getting eyeballs but only the last one has a glimmer of a chance at reducing our climate woes. And yes, we know that plant-based meat has its haters right now.

"But Tyler Huggins isn’t one of them, and he’s betting the farm on making meat from mycelium. Huggins is the CEO of Meati, a food-tech startup based in Boulder, Colorado, that’s growing mycelium in giant steel tanks and forming it into happy little 'steaks' you can feel good about … Technically, what Meati is producing - chicken and steak from mycelium - isn’t plant based. If you like foraging for mushrooms, mycelium is the mass of tiny white fibers you’ll find growing underground."

You can read the entire story here.

KC's View:

Fast Company says that it isn't the same thing, but when I read "fungi" and "tiny white fibers," I think about HBO's "The Last of Us."  Which means I think I'll pass.

(Loving "The Last of Us," by the way.  I'm just catching up with it, and finished episode three last night.  Big wow!)