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MediaPost has a story about how PepsiCo "is developing a series of audio logos that the company believes represents its brands. The goal is to improve ad recall -- when consumers hear the sounds they can recognize and identify with the brand without seeing a visual or hearing the name of the product."

The idea us to create "sonic logos" for products like Doritos, Tostitos, Fritos and Ruffles that, over time, consumers would connect to the brand, "a distinctive and ownable audio logo" that research has found "to generate 23% higher recall of the brand, 70% of 18- to-24-year-olds found it disruptive in a positive way, and 12% gave higher appeal on the overall brand score."

“We had a good idea of how we wanted to present Doritos visually, for example, but what does Doritos sound like?” James Clarke, PepsiCo senior director of digital and social," tells MediaPost.  "We developed a crunch sonic logo.”

KC's View:

I don't mind companies adding sound effects to their commercials as a way of linking them to specific brands.  It is just engaging the consumer's senses.

But if bags start talking to me as I walk down the grocery aisle, I'm going to get annoyed.