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Fox News reports that Walmart plans to open "28 new Walmart Health center locations next year. This includes expanding into two new states – Missouri and Arizona – and deepening its presence in Texas … By the end of the 2024, the Arkansas-based company plans to have more than 75 Walmart health centers across the United States."

According to the story, "The new facilities will be approximately 5,750 square feet and located inside Walmart Supercenters. They will be equipped with Walmart Health’s full suite of health services, including primary care, dental care, behavioral health, labs and X-ray, audiology and Walmart Health Virtual Care telehealth services.

"The company, which opened its first health center in 2019, also announced that it's changing the footprint and layout of the centers so that patients can spend more time with their doctor and less time in the waiting room."

KC's View:

Amazon, of course, also is deepening its investment in the health care business.

It sounds like it may not be long before we'll be visiting Amazon for an initial diagnosis, and then turning to Walmart for a second opinion.  Or vice-versa.  And, at Walmart, we're hear the following over the loudspeaker:

"Clean-up on aisle four.  Code red on aisle seven.  Stat!"