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Axios reports on new research from Bully Pulpit Interactive concluding that "fifty percent of employees are actively looking for new jobs," and that "only 30% of people are excited to tell others where they work."

The story says that "most leave because they don’t feel connected to the company’s mission, values or strategy," and that while seven out of 10 say that "the amount of communication they receive is about right, but roughly half say it lacks substance — which is a sure-fire way to lose them."

Axios argues that "employees are the best, most authentic spokespeople for the brand, and they must be viewed as a prized audience," which means that "to effectively reach them, you have to put in the same amount of effort you would give an external campaign — one that is tightly messaged and micro-targeted."

KC's View:

This is something that we've been talking about a lot here lately - the need for business leaders to create cultures of caring that communicate to employees the context in which their companies operate and giving them a sense of why their jobs are meaningful.  If you want to reduce turnover and the number of employees who would be happy to work someplace else, this strikes me as a way to start.