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Kroger said yesterday that it is engaged in "a new collaboration that provides financial counseling opportunities for its associates … piloting a new program to expand its work with Goldman Sachs Ayco to support associates seeking to achieve their financial goals."

According to Kroger, "Salaried and hourly associates will be able to access financial coaches and supportive programming. In addition to online tools and resources, this free and confidential service will provide associates with one-on-one financial coaches who have been trained to help associates look at their total financial picture and advise on financial decisions.

"Each associate can create a savings plan, learn how to avoid common financial pitfalls and explore opportunities to maximize all available company benefits. Associates will be able to review and track their progress toward achieving their financial goals with support from trained financial coaches. These coaches can counsel associates who are looking to achieve a variety of goals, from buying a home and paying down debt to managing estate planning."

"With six generations making up our workforce, we know our associates are in different places on their financial journey," said Tim Massa, the company's Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer at Kroger, adding, "Our work with Ayco is just one way we are creating a place where our associates can feed their future and reach their full potential."