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•  Roger Federer, the all-time tennis great who won 20 major titles in his 24-year career, announced yesterday that he is retiring.  His wins include eight Wimbledon championships, six Australian Opens, five U.S. Opens, and one French Open, as well as an Olympic doubles gold medal for Switzerland.

•  In Thursday Night Football, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 27-24

KC's View:

Last night's football game was the first exclusively streamed on Amazon Prime Video and from what I could tell - I didn't watch the whole game, as I flipped back and forth between it and the Mets game on Fox - the production values seemed as high as when the game used to be on broadcast television.  I thought that Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit were fine (though I missed Chris Collinsworth), and the pregame show was fine.  I gather that some folks had audio issues, but I didn't notice any.  My only issue was that there seemed to be a lot of pumping up Amazon during the coverage, which didn't seem necessary … but I suppose that some of that is to be expected.

We'd better get used to it. I think there will be a lot of major (and minor) sports events on streaming services before too long.  These services have money to spend, and a desire for differentiated content.