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Walmart announced this week that it is teaming up with UnitedHealth Group for what they call "an initial 10-year, wide-ranging collaboration, bringing together the collective expertise of both companies in serving millions of people with high-quality, affordable health services that improve health outcomes and the patient experience," especially, in the beginning, for senior citizens.

"The collaboration will start in 2023 with 15 Walmart Health locations in Florida and Georgia and expand into new geographies over time, ultimately serving hundreds of thousands of seniors and Medicare beneficiaries in value-based arrangements through multiple Medicare Advantage plans."

According to the announcement, United Health has a business called Optum that "will help enable Walmart Health clinicians through analytics and decision support tools to deliver comprehensive value-based care that can help drive positive health outcomes for seniors and Medicare beneficiaries. These capabilities will enhance the care already provided at Walmart Health centers, which deliver quality, accessible care through a collaborative, team-based delivery model, and will help accelerate the transition to value-based care by enabling clinicians to focus on patient outcomes."

KC's View:

Walmart has been in the healthcare business for a long time, but this represents a pretty aggressive move that will allow it to better compete with some of the initiatives being pushed by the likes of Amazon and CVS.  And helping seniors navigate an often-confusing system strikes me as a pretty good place to have an impact.