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The Verge reports that Amazon's healthcare ambitions may reach as far as Asia - the company "is considering partnering with pharmacies in Japan to deliver medications starting in 2023."

According to the story, "The plan is for Amazon to build a platform where patients can get information about the drugs they’ve been prescribed and also sign up to get those drugs delivered … Amazon would not operate pharmacies itself — just provide the online system."

Such a move by Amazon would be part of a broader shift in Japan's healthcare industry.  "People in Japan will be able to order prescriptions online after online doctor visits for the first time next year," The Verge writes.  "Major pharmacies and other Japanese companies are also working on similar programs that would give patients digital access to information on their medications."

KC's View:

I tend to think that Amazon will be more successful in healthcare when it can buy into and support existing systems, as opposed to trying to reinvent the industry from scratch.  Which seems to be the direction it is taking.