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Meijer announced late last week that in early 2023 it will open "a new brick-and-mortar store concept" that it is calling Meijer Grocery "that will provide convenience for customers who are looking for a simplified shopping experience, while providing communities easier access to fresher foods."

The Meijer Grocery store are "convenient by design," the company said, with "parking wrapped around a singular corner entrance to maximize the number of parking spaces near the door."  However, they are small and convenient in comparison to the supercenters that the company traditionally has run - the company said they will range from 75,000 square feet to 90,000 square feet,

The first two Meijer Grocery stores will be in Michigan's Orion Township and Macomb Township."  The company said that the new concept is the its first since introducing "the neighborhood market small format concept in August 2018 with the opening of Bridge Street Market on Grand Rapids' west side."

KC's View:

Maybe it just me getting old, but I don't find 75,000 square feet to be particularly convenient.  But I'm just one kind of customer, and everything is relative - for many Meijer customers, this doubtless will be a welcome format.  And, I love the idea of retailers operating different kinds of stores for different markets and customers.