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•  CNBC reports that Walmart is investing an undisclosed amount in Sustainable Beef, a company described as being "led by ranchers and beef producers," as it looks to streamline and bulk up its supply chain.

Key to the deal is a new processing facility being built by the company in North Platte, Nebraska.   An excerpt from the story:

"As part of the deal … the retailer will get the majority of beef produced at the facility, which is expected to open by late 2024, said Tyler Lehr, senior vice president of merchandising for deli services, meat and seafood for Walmart U.S. It will also get representation on the company’s board.

"For the retailer, the deal means a larger, more consistent supply of beef, including better cuts. For shoppers, it will show up in the form of ground beef and steaks - including ribeye, sirloin and New York strip - in its meat department. Walmart will source Angus from the company, a type of beef that comes from a cattle breed often associated with more flavor because of its marbling."

As grocery becomes an ever-growing contributor to Walmart's US sales - 60 percent at last calculation - it becomes more important for the retailer to have a steady, dependable supply … and, in this case, sustainable, which brings this move in line with other commitments it has made.

•  TechCrunch reports that "Walmart’s last-mile delivery service business, Walmart GoLocal, has topped 1 million deliveries in its first year," noting that "GoLocal had been growing its support of local merchants’ delivery operations and was also now on track to reach 5,000 pickup locations by the end of the year."

Walmart says that the one-year-old service "has been focused on helping our clients reach their customers through local delivery - whether they are a large enterprise looking to find efficiencies, improve coverage and lower costs for delivery or a small business seeking to build out and scale their delivery infrastructure for the first time. Just last week, we shared that we reached a notable milestone: more than one million deliveries completed through Walmart GoLocal.

"Walmart GoLocal has enabled our clients to serve thousands of customers nationwide by offering custom delivery infrastructure capabilities tailored to each client’s specific needs. As we’ve grown, Walmart GoLocal has been able to drive density in the areas we serve, which enables us to offer competitive pricing due to delivery volume on routes. This translates into savings for our clients and their customers, coupled with a reliable and trusted partner in Walmart GoLocal."