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Fox Business reports that "Whole Foods Market is being accused in a lawsuit of falsely marketing beef with the slogan 'No Antibiotics, Ever.'

"The suit was brought by three consumers and an animal welfare nonprofit and filed on Tuesday in the federal court in Santa Ana, California.  According to the proposed class action, recent independent laboratory testing found that Whole Foods' beef contained antibiotic and other pharmaceutical residue, meaning that cattle had been treated with antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals."

Fox Business points out that "Whole Foods markets sells at least 42 beef products as free of antibiotics, and charges 'substantial' price premiums based on that claim, according to the complaint filed."

KC's View:

You'd think this would be one of those things easy to resolve.

Get an impartial testing lab.  Test a bunch of Whole Foods beef.  See how the results come out.  Make ruling based on those results.

After all, results are results.  If Whole Foods indeed has been deceptive, it ought to have the book thrown at it.  No question.