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•  The Dallas Morning News has a piece about how "H-E-B is about to kick off a new era in Dallas-Fort Worth grocery shopping after spending billions of dollars in Houston over the past 20 years.

"Not since Walmart blanketed D-FW with its Supercenters has North Texas seen a new competitor that builds stores to sell similarly huge volumes of groceries.

"Does that mean the D-FW grocery market is heading into some kind of grocery Paleozoic era of extinction? No, but the Houston experience offers some clues to how H-E-B will expand into D-FW.  In Houston, in the fifth largest U.S. metro area, H-E-B proved that it could succeed in any size market."

One certainty:  H-E-B won't be entering the market with cookie-cutter stores, but rather will be constantly "rethinking, tweaking, very much always evolving … They’re never done, and that’s part of their big success."