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•  From the New York Times:

" The Biden administration plans to offer the next generation of coronavirus booster shots to Americans 12 and older soon after Labor Day, a campaign that federal officials hope will reduce deaths from Covid-19 and protect against an expected winter surge.

"Dr. Peter Marks, the top vaccine regulator for the Food and Drug Administration, said in an interview on Tuesday that while he could not discuss timing, his team was close to authorizing updated doses that would target the versions of the virus now circulating.

Even though those formulations have not been tested in humans, he said, the agency has 'extremely good' data showing that the shots are safe and will be effective. 'How confident am I?' he said. 'I’m extremely confident.'

"This week, both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech finalized their submissions to the F.D.A. asking for emergency authorization of booster shots aimed at BA.5 and another subvariant of Omicron that together account for most coronavirus cases in the United States.

"Federal health officials say they are eager to offer the updated boosters as quickly as possible, pointing to a death toll that now averages about 450 Americans per day and could rise in the coming months as people spend more time indoors."

I'm ready to sign up right now.  That number - 450 Americans are dying every day from Covid-19 - certainly gets my attention.  Nothing is perfect, and there are no guarantees … but I want to do whatever I can to improve my odds.  Which I believe will not just help me stay healthy, but is the responsible thing to do to try to keep people around me healthy.