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•  Walmart on Friday told employees via internal memo that it will expand abortion coverage "when there is a health risk to the mother, rape or incest, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or lack of fetal viability" - regardless of whether they live in a state where abortions under those circumstances are legal.  If they do not, Walmart said, it will cover travel costs for employees and family members insured through the company.

CNBC points out that this includes the state of Arkansas, where Walmart is headquartered, and where a near-total abortion ban is in effect, with no exception for cases of rape or incest.

CNBC writes that "the company’s health-care expansion comes months after Target, Apple and others broadened or reaffirmed abortion coverage. Still, Walmart’s policy decision is symbolic: The retailer’s more than 4,700 stores are located in small towns and larger cities alike, with about 90% of Americans living within 10 miles of a location … 

The retailer previously offered more limited abortion coverage. According to the company’s employee handbook, charges for 'procedures, services, drugs and supplies related to abortions or termination of pregnancy are not covered, except when the health of the mother would be in danger if the fetus were carried to term, the fetus could not survive the birthing process, or death would be imminent after birth'."

The fact is that Walmart wants to attract talented people from all around the country who may be unwilling to move to Arkansas because of the current abortion laws in effect.  Which is the same problem that many businesses may face if they have facilities in states where some people find the laws to be onerous.    And, to be fair, there are people out there who would be unwilling to move to states with more liberal laws in this area because they find them to be an affront to their personal beliefs.  Welcome to America, 2022.