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by Kevin Coupe

Axios reports that there is a new nonprofit, "led by an A-list of C-suite executives," that is working to design a playbook to help companies meet employees' mental health needs.

According to the story, "Recognizing that burnout from the pandemic has even reached the corner office, Project Healthy Minds is trying to reduce the stigma of mental illness by getting CEOs to talk openly about their struggles — and to enact meaningful policies.

Driving the news: Project Healthy Minds is building what it calls the 'first direct-to-consumer digital mental health marketplace' — a one-stop shop for finding a crisis hotline, a psychiatrist, a substance abuse treatment program or other relevant help …  Project Healthy Minds plans to compile a robust library of research on best practices in mental health programs, plus develop metrics by which companies can be assessed."

The CEOs apparently have found the current situation to be Eye-Opening.  One of them decided to call his company's employee assistance program (EAP) hotline to see what would happen - and was put on hold for 12 minutes.  And then, when someone came on the line, the first thing he had to do was give his employee ID number, not talk about the reason he was calling.  If he'd been on the verge of suicide, for example, this scenario is unacceptable, the story suggests.

Have you called your employee assistance hotline?  Do you have one?

You can find out more about Project Healthy Minds here.