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Responding to our piece las week about how wine bottles may be contributing to climate change, MNB reader Stacy McCoy wrote:

Sounds like it’s time to buy my wine by the barrel and just have it on tap at my house!

We had a story last week about how Domino's Pizza is pulling out of Italy.  I commented:

I deeply, deeply hope that blaming the pandemic for Domino's abject failure to get any traction in Italy is just a rationalization, and that the real reason for the failure is the fact that Domino's doesn't really serve pizza.  Sure, it sort of looks like pizza and has some of the same ingredients as pizza … but it isn't pizza in all its spirt-lifting, stomach-filling, mouth-watering possibilities.

To me, pizza falls into what I would call the "life is too short…" category.  Life is too short to drink cheap wine … crappy beer … and eat inferior pizza.  We all have our own "life is too short" lists, and pizza is certainly on mine.

One MNB reader reacted:

My wife and I took our kids for the first vacation in 7yrs that was just us and our two boys this summer.  We flew into Vegas since it’s a cheaper airport to fly into in order to begin a tour of the canyons – Zion, Bryce, Antelope and Grand.  My family’s fancier dinners are fewer and further between but it had been so long since our last time alone together that we decided to splurge for a nice meal.

The only thing “kid friendly” at the nice restaurant was wood fired pizza.  It was much more expensive than I recall pizza being but the boys would split one so it worked out ok.

After we were done, I asked them how they liked it and the response was “It was good, but definitely not as good as Dominos. That’s the best!”

Isn’t the expression, “there’s no accounting for taste?”  Anyway, my wife and I still chuckle about this and figured you might, too.

Kids grow up, and their tastes mature.

Thank goodness.