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Business Insider reports that "a leaked email reveals a big reorganization of Amazon's physical stores and Whole Foods business. Announced internally by Tony Hoggett, Amazon's new SVP of physical stores and specialty fulfillment, the plan includes several high-profile departures and a call for better collaboration between teams. 

"VP Dilip Kumar, who oversaw the Just Walk Out cashierless tech, is moving to Amazon Web Services … Kumar's move to AWS signals a greater focus on selling Amazon's in-store technologies to corporate customers."

According to the story, "Other changes appear to be aimed at building a closer alliance between Amazon and Whole Foods, whose relationship hasn't always been great since the 2017 acquisition … Whole Foods executives, such as CMO Sonya Gafsi Oblisk and EVP of growth and development Christina Minardi, are getting expanded roles that cover parts of Amazon as well. Whole Foods's incoming CEO Jason Buechel will report to Hoggett, too."

KC's View:

The question that needs to be answered here is whether Amazon, in making these shifts, indeed is adhering to its traditional "it all starts with the customer" approach … or are these changes instead geared to operational mandates.

I'm just not sure.  But I do think we're going to find out.