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Reacting to the naming by the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) of Patrick “Pat” Posey, a longtime retail executive in Southern California, to succeed Carole Christianson as the organization's Chief Operating Officer when she retires next month, MNB reader Brad Halverson wrote:

WAFC couldn’t have found a better person than Pat Posey to lead as COO. Pat’s experience, passion for helping others, and his naturally winsome personality is perfect for the industry. They got a good one!

Totally agree.

On another subject, from MNB reader Steven Ritchey:

I checked my bank balance today, and it was less than I anticipated.  It turned out that Amazon had charged me my annual charge for "Amazon Prime", pardon my ignorance, but while I knew it would happen at some point, I didn't know it would today.

I went into the self service area and found where I could request a notification for when I'd be charged for Amazon Prime.

My response is, I shouldn't have had to do that.  I think it's on them to make me aware of when I'm going to be charged for this service.  Now that it's $139.00 annually, plus taxes which brought it up to a smooth $150 plus change, some people may need to know it's coming.

It's not like they don't have my email address, hardly a day goes by that I don't get an email from them regarding something they think I can't live without.  BUT, something I do need to know about, they don't automatically notify me, it's up to me to ask for that notification.

It makes no sense to me, how about you and your readers?

Maybe it's my fault for not checking this out, but, I believe I shouldn't have had to.  In my mind, it's a failure in their customer service processes.

I was intrigued by this, because I would've sworn that Amazon always has notified me when my Prime membership was renewing, and I couldn't remember ever asking to be notified.

So I checked.  In fact, every year since 2011 (the last year for which I've kept emails), I've gotten an email from Amazon in early November telling me that my membership would renew on December 11.

Then I went on Amazon, and saw that my membership would once again renew on December 11, 2022 … but noticed that there was a place to check a box that would result in me being reminded about that renewal.  I've never seen that before, but I immediately checked it.

I have to wonder if this is something new.  Regardless, I completely agree with you - Amazon should inform Prime members in advance of renewal, and in fact should inform all customers before their credit cards are charged for anything.  That seems like pretty basic to me.

Yesterday we took note of a BBC report that "the price of olive oil is set to rise as heatwaves hit production in Spain," and I commented:

This whole climate change thing is hurting my soul - in the past few weeks, we've had stories about how it is impacting the production of parmesan cheese, the rice used to make risotto, and now olive oil.  Not that climate change is about me … because of course, it's not … not really, anyway … but at some level we all need to internalize the degree to which climate change is going to impact the ways in which we live our lives and find pleasure.  It becomes less abstract that way, and maybe our institutions will become more responsive … and maybe individuals will stop whining about little things, like getting rid of single-use plastic bags.  Bringing your own bag may not change the world all on its own, but every little bit helps.

Prompting one MNB reader to write:

I don’t see the correlation between single use bags and climate change.  But whatever.  Climate change is not a US issue it is a global issue and until all countries buy into change, then we are trying to change the tides by spitting in the ocean.  We can stand up all day and speak to how we are leading the cause for climate change, but so far all we have done is create added pressures on our economy while funding others.  This is global, not national.

I wasn't being literal.  Just making the point that it is better to do what we can and not whine about inconveniences.

As to your other point … the nature of being a global leader, I believe, is that you don't make your leadership contingent on other countries being willing to follow.  You do what you can and what you must, and set an example.  Otherwise, what's the point of leadership?

In our story about Amazon's proposed acquisition of iRobot and likely fascination with its subscription services, I commented about how this allows Amazon to continue to get inextricably intertwined with our lives.  This led one MNB reader to write:

This is what metastatic cancer does!

To another MNB reader, this was an unfortunate metaphor:

As a cancer survivor, I take issue with the comment … How in the world does comparing cancer to an Amazon acquisition make sense?  More importantly, it appears the comment was  made by a person with a “juvenile sense of humor”.

Your “blog” is better than to publish a sorry attempt by an individual to be funny with “middle school” humor and at a very serious medical condition.  My hope is that this person gets educated on the world of cancer as it is certainly not a disease to be used as humor.