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From the Wall Street Journal this morning:

"The last Domino’s Pizza Inc. franchises in Italy have closed after the American brand failed to break through in the birthplace of pizza.

"EPizza SpA, the Milan-based company that held the master franchise rights to operate the Domino’s brand in Italy, said increasing competition hurt its stores, according to documents filed in April in Italian bankruptcy court. Locally run restaurants and pizzerias began using food-delivery services, eating into the revenue of the Domino’s franchises, according to the documents."

According to the Journal, "The pizza chain had ambitious plans to expand across Italy when its first franchise opened in Milan in 2015. EPizza said in 2020 it planned to open 880 locations by 2030. But Italy never became a major part of Domino’s international business.

"EPizza directly managed 23 stores in Italy as of 2020, while an additional six locations were run through sub-franchising, according to the bankruptcy documents. The last of the stores are now closed, according to the Italian Domino’s website."

KC's View:

I deeply, deeply hope that blaming the pandemic for Domino's abject failure to get any traction in Italy is just a rationalization, and that the real reason for the failure is the fact that Domino's doesn't really serve pizza.  Sure, it sort of looks like pizza and has some of the same ingredients as pizza … but it isn't pizza in all its spirt-lifting, stomach-filling, mouth-watering possibilities.

To me, pizza falls into what I would call the "life is too short…" category.  Life is too short to drink cheap wine … crappy beer … and eat inferior pizza.  We all have our own "life is too short" lists, and pizza is certainly on mine.