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Walmart said this week that it is unveiling "Walmart Restored, our new program created to help customers discover refurbished products at everyday low prices. In a year when customers are looking for ways to save money, like-new refurbished products have become an increasingly popular way to cut down on costs without sacrificing quality."

The announcement elaborates:

"When customers buy a product in the Walmart Restored program – whether it’s a laptop or a kitchen appliance – they can be confident they are buying from top-rated performance managed sellers and suppliers. All products listed on the site have been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned, and if for any reason a customer isn’t satisfied, we offer 90-day free returns to help enable shopping with confidence.

"The Walmart Restored program is helping build trust with our customers by offering fantastic value for shoppers. Online now and in select stores later this fall, the program also gives customers a choice and an opportunity to extend the life of a product."

KC's View:

The other day we had an email from a reader complaining that Walmart had lost its way, that it was trying to do too many things and be all things to all people.  I disagreed with that assessment, and think that this story illustrates that the company is testing a lot of different initiatives, which is a good thing, but has its eye on the ball of serving its core constituency.

For me, the only problem with this idea is that Walmart is guaranteeing the refurbished products and putting its name behind the restoration process - I think it should, but just hope that the process lives up to the expectations.