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Yesterday's FaceTime video lamented (with pictures) the tendency of men to wear their pants so low that their butt cracks show.  Not a business issue, I know, but the moment presented itself while I was at a beer garden with Mrs. Content Guy and I couldn't help myself.

The good news - it got lots of reaction.

One MNB reader wrote:

Sitting out on the back porch spitting coffee laughing at the butt crack piece. And amazed you did it w. Straight face. Agreed it would help make the planet a butt better.

Hardly the only pun offered by MNB readers, as MNB reader Duane Eaton wrote:

Was he drinking a Heinie-kin?

Very good.

From another MNB reader:

OMG what a great way to start a Monday morning!  I agree 100% with your statement but also want to share that it’s not only men that often have their butt cracks out.  My family and I attend Woodhull Raceway in NY some Saturday evenings in the summer and butt cracks are always the highlight or “feature” for our girls.  In fact a few weeks ago we witnessed a husband taking a picture of his wife’s butt crack and then texting it to her – almost like they were celebrating the butt crack.  There is usually just as many women as men with their cracks out when we attend those races!  Thanks for the chuckle this morning!!

And another:

I agree with you on the butt crack thing.  Yeah, just not interested in seeing them and my wife isn't either.

And another:

LMAO, too funny.  I agree.  You would not believe the butt crack I see while working in the store - men and women!  Crack kills. 

And yet another:

That may be the funniest bit you’ve done……

I'd say my work here is done … but I'm not quite ready to retire.  Yet.

From another MNB reader:

I loved the smirk at the end of your comments about plumbers butt.  (Yes - that's what it's called in Kentucky).  You know what's coming - so "buckle up".

Actually, I got a lot of email … all of it supportive.

One MNB reader wrote:

So it appears from the video that Mrs. Content Guy was actually the unfortunate one with the view.

Hopefully you were a gentleman and invited her to sit beside you on your side of the table?

Actually, I was the one with the view at the table … we only switched for a few minutes for purposes of shooting the video.

Finally, we ran an email yesterday from a reader reacting to last week's story about edible utensils, saying:

We have had an edible plastic straw alternative for nearly 100 years. It's called the Twizzler.

To which I responded:

I'm sorry.  That sounds like the waste of a perfectly good Twizzler to me.

In my house, we refer to Twizzlers as "heroin."  Because if I eat one, I'm likely to eat a two-pound bag.

This prompted another MNB reader to write:

As the owner of three small (tiny, really, under 3000 sq ft) stores I always find your news and insights useful, interesting and refreshing. However I was HIGHLY offended by something you wrote in today's newsletter. To imply that Twizzlers are anything more than plastic tasting garbage is too much for my delicate sensibilities. I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue to read anything written by someone who would eat Twizzlers over real licorice, namely Red Vines! I guess I can give you one more chance but you need to watch it with this dangerous talk.

I've learned that the world can be separated into two camps - people who prefer Red Vines, and people who prefer Twizzlers.

I'm afraid that I'm in the latter camp.  For some, that is an unforgivable sin.  Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.