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Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) said yesterday that "it has entered into a channel partnership agreement with DoorDash to offer on-demand grocery delivery solutions to independent grocers through the DoorDash marketplace app and website. These grocers can leverage the DoorDash platform to build an ecommerce offering that meets the needs of their local community base and extends to areas where they may not have previously been able to reach."

According to the announcement, "The agreement will enable independent grocery retailers to grow their businesses, attract new customers, and offer increased convenience to existing customers in their local area. With grocery delivery through DoorDash, consumers can order their groceries and essentials on DoorDash’s marketplace app and website with no time slot, queues, or minimum order size required."

"We know demand for this functionality continues to be very strong, and to remain competitive, retailers need solutions that offer simple set-up and increased convenience for customers,” said Stacy Bowen, AWG Vice President of Sales, Support and Solutions.

KC's View:

There still are independent retailers unable or unwilling to do this on their own, so they need aggressive wholesalers to put the pieces in place.  I'm all in favor of it … as long as the customer data remains the property of the retailer and isn't available to the likes of DoorDash to do wish as it pleases.

Full disclosure:  AWG is a longtime and valued MNB sponsor.