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McDonald's last week announced the end to its test of a McPlant burger in the US, which used Beyond meat patties.

CNBC writes that "McDonald’s first tested the meat-free burger in eight restaurants in the U.S. in November to understand how the menu item would impact its kitchens. In mid-February, it rolled the McPlant out to roughly 600 locations to learn more about consumer demand for the menu item."

The story notes that "Beyond’s stock has fallen 53% this year, dragging its market value down to $2.06 billion. Wall Street has become skeptical over the company’s long-term growth opportunities as grocery sales lag. Moreover, buzzy partnerships with restaurant giants like Pizza Hut owner Yum Brands and McDonald’s haven’t progressed to many permanent nationwide menu offerings yet."

KC's View:

Wait a minute.  Traditional McDonald's burgers have real meat?

Talk about burying the lede…