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•  Yahoo Finance has a story in which a Wall Street analyst suggests that Amazon's advertising business eventually could be bigger than its Amazon Web Services (AWS) business, which generated $19.7 billion in revenue during Q2, more than 16 percent of the company's overall revenue.

"'When you see some of the bids around, some of the NFL, some of the other ad-based connected TV content they’re going after, there’s a long runway to grow their advertising business,' Nick Jones, an equity research analyst at JMP Securities, told Yahoo Finance.  'That could be very, very profitable, potentially more than the AWS business longer term.'

"Amazon generated $8.76 billion in advertising revenue in its second quarter … Jones’ projection for future ad growth relies on Amazon Prime Video successfully segueing into live sports. Amazon is set to broadcast the NFL’s Thursday Night Football for the first time this season. The company’s $1 billion bet on professional football kicks off on Sep.15 and will feature 14 more regular season games."