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Philadelphia's St. Joseph's University announced yesterday that the Erivan K. Haub School of Business is combining three customer-focused disciplines to create The Department of Food, Pharma and Healthcare in a move that it believes will "better address the needs and desires of (the) new consumer," putting the shopper at the center of its educational efforts.

“The pandemic accelerated many trends in our society, from buying groceries online to tele-medicine. The Department of Food, Pharma and Healthcare is being built out to ready students for the ‘New Normal’ the organizations that employ them will face by giving them the tools needed to understand the multi-faceted consumer of today and tomorrow,” said Dr. John Stanton, chairman of the department, in a prepared statement.

According to the school, "The Department of Food, Pharma and Healthcare is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers in the food, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. It offers both undergraduate programs - notably the renowned food marketing major - and MBA programs in food marketing and pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing. The program also features graduate degrees in the fields of health administration and health informatics, and graduate certificates in food marketing and health informatics."

KC's View:

If students actually are going to be prepared for the retail world they are going to face when they leave school, there has to be an acknowledgement within the halls of academia that traditional definitions don't apply, old-world boundaries don't matter, and that a strong connection to the consumer has to be at the core of every retail enterprise.

Good for St. Joe's for making this change.  This stuff matters.