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Yesterday, we took note of local news reports in Connecticut, where I live, that pointed out that Tuesday's Mega Millions drawing had a whopping $830 million jackpot … and that Stew Leonard's, which operates stores in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey, took advantage of the moment to give each one of its 2,500 employees a single lottery ticket.

Several MNB users wrote in to point out that fast food chain Raising Cane's founder and CEO Todd Graves did the same thing for his employees … except in his case, that meant buying 50,000 Mega Millions tickets at $2 apiece.

For which we applaud him … especially since he didn't have any more luck than Stew Leonard's.  No winning tickets were sold for Tuesday night's drawing, which means that the next drawing - on Friday - will be for $1.02 billion.

Your turn…