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•  New research from ChaseDesign says that "the number of retail customers using buy online pickup in-store (BOPIS) 'all the time' declined by one-third (45% down to 32%) last year and is expected to shrink further in 2022. Shoppers relying on home delivery of groceries purchased online will also decline in the near-term future by nearly one-quarter. In-store shopping remains the dominant channel for buying consumer goods and is expected to grow in 2023."

According to the report, "home delivery, which became a vibrant part of many shoppers’ overall shopping routine during the pandemic, now faces issues with value delivered, possibly accelerated by inflationary times. The number of people who claimed to 'always' use delivery to home when buying groceries dropped by half (16% in 2022 down from 31% in 2021)."

I mention this not because it is news - it would've been far more noteworthy if these changes were not taking place.  I think there is a tendency in some quarters to act as if a shift away from "always" using BOPIS or home delivery somehow reflects a broader return to the way things used to be.  I think that nothing could be farther from the truth.  The combination of a receding pandemic and inflation are propelling people to behave differently when they did when we all were worried about Covid, but the availability of alternatives to shopping in-store, especially for products that depend less on a physical presence, will power long-term consumer behavior shifts in the food business just like they've done in so many other sectors.