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Axios reports that "giant restaurant chains like KFC and Boston Market are making big-splash introductions of chicken nuggets on their menus this month … setting up a potential rematch of 2019's epic chicken sandwich wars."

The story notes that "with chicken consumption on the rise, fast food industry titans think they can boost profits by catering to the nugget-loving tastes of younger consumers.  Driving the news: KFC began testing new chicken nuggets last week for a limited time in Charlotte, North Carolina, aiming to lure in Gen Z and millennial customers."

In addition, Axios writes, "Boston Market just rolled out its first nuggets, in "signature" and 'spicy.'

"McDonald's — which pioneered the McNugget in 1981 — has brought back its beloved Spicy Chicken McNuggets at some locations for a limited time.

"In January, McDs debuted the 'Crunchy Double' sandwich — two cheeseburgers on a bed of Chicken McNuggets — based on a popular menu hack.  Not to be outdone, Burger King, which introduced spicy Ghost Pepper Chicken Nuggets in the U.S. last fall, just brought them to Canada."

KC's View:

I'll stick with my reaction to chicken nuggets as express in today's FaceTime.  It's been my goal to avoid this particular food item until I have grandchildren, at which point I suspect they'll be unavoidable.  But that'll be okay, because there will be grandchildren involved.  (Though I'm hoping I can also encourage them to eat risotto…)