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The New York Times this morning has a piece about the just-reopened Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo where 10 people were murdered in a racist massacre on May 14, and where employees - and the community - have had "to grapple with the consequences of a mass shooting. Among the hardest questions is what becomes sacred ground after blood sullies familiar soil."

The Times writes:  "Throughout the violence and the rebuilding, the market’s staff members have persisted, even as they mourned a co-worker, Aaron Salter Jr., who was killed in the massacre.

"On May 14, dozens were working slow Saturday shifts when the gunfire began. As public attention has shifted from victims, to their families to the neighborhood, the workers have been in a unique position to consider every pole of the debate over the store’s future."

Some have returned to the store, while others have transferred to other stores.  But their pain remains.

You can read the entire story here.