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•  From MediaPost:

"Consumers are fed up with poor targeting by brands, judging by a new study from Redpoint Global.

"Of those polled, 70% say they receive mistargeted messages at least once a month, and 24% report they get them daily. These include emails with recommendations unrelated to prior purchases.   This sort of misdirected marketing reduces the quality of the experience for 51% of customers. 

"Conversely, many consumers are willing to provide access to their data in exchange for a better experience. 

"In exchange for this data, 52% want customer experiences with less transactional friction and an 30% desire discounts and future promotions. But it varies with age.  For instance, 41% of Millennials feel brands should be able to immediately adapt offers and interactions at the moment of new data ingestion. In contrast, only 26% of Baby Boomers say this is a priority."  

"Less transactional friction" ought to be a mantra for every retailer.