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Fast Company has a story about how business leaders need to consider how they are going to inspire their employees, arguing that inspiration is going to be a key factor in motivating workers to do their best work and remain loyal to their employers.

An excerpt:

"Employees, tired of being treated as interchangeable and lucky to have a job, have demonstrated their market power by finding new, better-paying positions and demanding more money and flexible hours. As companies face high turnover rates and pushback about returning to the office, much of the friction comes down to employee sentiment. How connected do your people feel about their role, the business, purpose, and the future? Do they understand the why? If not, it’s time to embrace the future of business and communication through inspiration."

Fast Company goes on:

"Can you crisply provide your company’s reason for being in 30 seconds or less? Most leaders and communications professionals sadly can’t, and this miss lies at the heart of uninspired people. Being able to articulate your purpose and business strategy simply is critical to aligning your people around that goal and helping them understand their role in achieving it."

You can read the entire story here.

KC's View:

Interesting piece, especially in the context of something I talked about here recently - the importance of employees understanding a company's history, which can give a sense of core values and purpose, which can/should be inspiring.

Of course, sometimes shining a light on history tells us more about mistakes and missteps, of misplaced priorities and questionable values.  But that's okay … at least as long as recent history shows evolution and maturation.