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•  The Wall Street Journal reports that Walmart has warned its suppliers that they may be charged a new fee "to transport goods to its warehouses and stores … the latest example of how businesses are looking to offset rising costs for things such as transportation and fuel."

According to the story, "Companies that use Walmart to transport goods to the retailer’s warehouses and stores will be charged a fuel surcharge and a 'collect pickup charge' starting Aug. 1, said the memo. The shift 'is a result of Walmart adapting to the significant transformation and increased cost seen in the transportation industry over the past few years,' said the memo sent to suppliers last Friday.

"The collect pickup charge is calculated as a percentage of the cost of goods received by Walmart, the memo said. The fuel surcharge is based on the cost of fuel to transport the goods."

Walmart says that suppliers have the right to stop using its transportation services, and instead arrange and pay for good to be shipped into the Walmart supply chain.

Some suppliers have complained that the new fee is being imposed precipitously and without enough specificity;  Walmart has promised more details shortly.