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Daily Kos has the story of 54-year-old Kevin Ford, a cook and cashier at a Burger King in the Las Vegas International Airport, who in 27 years of employment has never missed a shift.  Never.

According to the story, Ford "took the job once he found out his then girlfriend and now wife was pregnant with their first child.

"His dreams of a higher education was dashed by responsibilities and sacrifice.  And he kept the job as his family grew, now with four children.  And he was able provide for his family and to send and put all four daughters through college on his, to many, meager wages … He kept the job because that location was and is unionized, and provided the health insurance his family needed."

The story goes on:

"On his anniversary, his 27th, Burger King decided to thank him with gifts that they thought commensurate with such loyalty.

"A goody bag of thanks.

"He decided to open the bag on his TikTok account, in disbelief at the callous injustice.

You see, Kevin was given …. sigh…. a Starbucks reusable tumbler, a bag of Reese’s candy, a couple of disposable pens and two rolls of Lifesavers.

"Oh, and a single movie ticket."

As happens so often in such cases, the video went viral.

Daily Kos goes on:

"Those that saw the video were outraged, shocked and dismayed.

"His daughter Seryna started a gofundme page to help her father, who was always there for her and her siblings, again, at great sacrifice.

"The goal was to raise $200 for a trip…. an economy round trip to New York... for Kevin to see his grandchildren, whom he couldn’t afford to see for four years.

"Remember, that almost fully 50% of American families cannot afford a single $500 emergency."

As of this morning, the GoFundMe page has raised $352,479.

KC's View:

To be fair, this isn't really a Burger King issue - that restaurant is operated by HMSHost.

This seems like a particularly tone-deaf moment.  Most of the retailers I know would not be so callous in their treatment of longtime employees.

But it is a moment worth recognizing, if only because it does reflect a broader disregard for the people who work on the front lines.

Steven Johnson, the CEO of HMSHost, has a salary package worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year … but he need to understand that without people who show up and cook the food and clean the tables and take the money and do all the other things that go into running his restaurants, he's pretty much useless.