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The Seattle Times reports that Starbucks has said it will "reimagine three of its highest-profile Seattle stores — including the cafe at Pike Place Market popular with tourists … As part of of the company’s 'Heritage Market' initiative, the Pike Place store will be themed the 'past,' while the one at First Avenue and Pike Street will be 'present' and another at First Avenue and University Street will be 'future.' 

"The Heritage Market push adds to the portfolio of stores that break from the Starbucks norm, like the Starbucks Reserve stores and 'Stealth Starbucks' — stores that do not look to be part of the Starbucks brand."

“These three stores will offer an elevated experience,” the company said in a press release.

KC's View:

I think it is smart to work on an elevated customer experience, but this trifurcated approach just strikes me as having a level of Schultzian grandiosity that may not be necessary, or will be reflected in the reality of the stores.  We'll see.