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The New York Times over the weekend has a piece about how Stephanie Stuckey is endeavoring to revive the company that bears her family's name, in part through the power of storytelling.

An excerpt:

"She has posed for photos wearing a Stuckey’s 'Eat Here and Get Gas' T-shirt, and has posted recordings of herself belting out Andrew Gold’s 1977 hit, 'Lonely Boy,' in the car along with her best friend on Instagram. On her account, she has posted more than 1,600 neon signs, diners, tourist traps and quirky roadside attractions.

"Although the pandemic resulted in an increase in road trips and revenue for Stuckey stores, that may not last. Building the brand, however, doesn’t require people to actually take road trips; they just need to identify with the road-trip lifestyle, much the way not everyone who wears board shorts actually surfs. It’s aspirational.

"'Can I single-handedly revive the road trip? I can’t,' Ms. Stuckey said. 'But can I put out stories that resonate with people on a personal level, then encourage other people to share their road trips? I think we can build a bit of a movement'."

You can read the entire piece here.

KC's View:

I had the opportunity to do a Zoom conversation with Stephanie Stuckey earlier this year, and I found her to be utterly engaging … and you can see it here.