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The New York Post reports that Juan Carlos Garcia, who was the CEO of Amazon Mexico from 2015, when the company opened its first office there, until 2017, currently is on the run while he is being tried in absentia in a Mexican court.  The charge:  hiring two hitmen for $9,000 to murder his estranged wife.

 The Post writes that "one of the hired guns testified that Garcia offered an extra $2,500 if his wife was killed before the couple’s next court hearing in a lawsuit she had filed against him.

"Pérez had filed for divorce from her husband after she accused him of trying to kill her when he beat her with a baseball bat in January 2019. She was in Mexico City for a scheduled hearing when she was fatally shot by a motorcyclist, authorities said.

The trial for Pérez’s murder began on Monday while Garcia remains on the loose. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest in 190 countries … García allegedly fled Mexico days after the murder and entered the US on foot through a checkpoint near Tijuana, which borders San Diego."

KC's View:

I know that this isn't strictly a retail business story … but I'm also pretty sure that based on the headline alone, it will be the one story that everybody reads on MNB this morning.

While this took place in Mexico, it also is important to point out that this is part of a broader trend in which men commit acts of violence, and then the system treats them with benevolence that belies the threat they present to other people.  The Post writes that "the mother of three had accused García of beating her with a bat while she was sleeping. He was taken into custody for the incident but released when the judge downgraded the charge to domestic violence."