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•  National Public Radio (NPR) reports that "a federal judge has ruled that Starbucks did not have to reinstate or give accommodations to three employees who claim they were retaliated against for organizing a union.

"Starbucks workers are driving a nationwide wave in union organizing, with successful votes at more than 100 locations. The case is a notable ruling in support of the corporation.

"At a store in Phoenix, three employees who were advocating for a union say they were wrongfully dismissed. They claim they were forced out through intentional scheduling obstacles or denied accommodations through the Americans with Disabilities Act and put on leave.

"The National Labor Relations Board had asked a court to compel Starbucks to reinstate the workers and give ADA accommodations to one of them. The court on Wednesday ruled that Starbucks did not immediately have to rehire two of the employees. The third has returned to work at the store, but has not received accommodations, according to a shift supervisor … The case isn't over yet — it will be heard by an NLRB judge on June 14. Injunctions are meant to give temporary relief to workers who have to wait for their cases to be heard in court, a process that can take months."