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Walmart said yesterday that it is working with senior care management company Avanlee Care to make it easier for senior citizens to access online grocery shopping and delivery.

The venue is the Avanlee app, which brings together "care coordination, medication adherence, health and mood monitoring and alerts, private family social activity" on a single platform.  Now, the app will also offer grocery shopping through, to "further improve their support for senior customers and their family caregivers."

The announcement notes that studies show that "approximately 90% of Americans ages 65+ want to age in place. That is leading to an increasing burden on the 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the United States."  The Avanlee platform is designed to facilitate this preference, helping "families care for an aging relative remotely so they live healthier and happier lives at home."

KC's View:

Smart move for Walmart and Avanlee, getting hooked into a community with something so basic and necessary as grocery delivery.

It reminds me of something we talked about here a few months ago - that the thing doctors worry most ab out when patients are discharged from hospitals after having procedures is their ability and willingness to eat right.  Bad nutrition can undermine all the good that doctors try to do, and there is a real effort being made to connect food retailers with patients and health care providers.  Seems to me that that this also makes sense when talking to senior citizens, who are more likely to thrive if they are eating well and right.

Just FYI … the health care-nutrition initiative was something I talked about here: